My first week at Eucalyptus

"In Santa Barbara the only clouds are computer clouds"

After a nice 18 hour flight Anne and me arrived in San Francisco on Sunday night. Bags from claim and hit the road to Menlo Park, from where we had rented a room to settle in. We are living upstairs in the house of lovely couple in the neighborhood of Stanford University (social living is really common in well-crowded San Francisco Bay Area) . We didn’t have too much time to recover, because the next day was already our first work day.

My workweek started by biking to Palo Alto and opening a U.S. mobile subscription. After that, I had lunch with my boss including an introduction to my company Eucalyptus and the objectives of my internship. Introduction to U.S. business culture was the next in line: My boss asked if I’m able to fly to Santa Barbara the next day to join in on a training for new sale-hires. Sure, so after less than 2 days in the Bay Area I was on my way to the airport again.

In Santa Barbara, I faced an on-boarding experience which I would not have dared to expect. A three-day training, where an excellent session was followed by another, was some what a deep dive into the world of cloud computing. Private cloud infrastructure, server by server and hypervisor by hypervisor, became familiar as well as the company culture and vision. I was impressed and it was hard to believe that the company was founded just few years ago and one year ago it had no more than 15 employees.

Now with already 70 employees, Eucalyptus has still maintained its start-up attitude. On the eve of the new edition of software to be released, there was similar atmosphere in the office than children waiting for Christmas. For the new entrant, equal and “can-do” working culture combined with skilled individuals solving difficult problems, seems to be the reason why so many people enjoy work in start-ups. After one week I have just scratched the surface, but I am more than willing to scratch more.

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