10th assignment

I’m still a bit bitter that I didn’t win the main prize of a lottery of a loyalty program a couple of months ago  – Ball Chair. This impressive chair with unconventional shape was designed by Eero Aarnio in 1966 (eero-aarnio.com, 2011). Ball, one of the simplest geometric forms, combined with playful inspiration results in a unique piece of design that has lasted strong for decades.

Figure 1: Eero Aarnio, 1966, Ball Chair

The Ball Chair is sometimes called as the globe chair due the fact that Ball Chair has a similar leaning side profile as the globe. Despite its spectacular exterior made of fiberglass, Ball Chair’s interior makes it extraordinary. Space within a welcoming padded space, makes it impossible to take Ball Chair too seriously (Figure 1).

elements which are hybrid rather than ‘pure’…accommodating rather than ‘excluding’… redundant rather than ‘simple’ is how Robert Venturi in 1962 described style that was latter to become known as Post-Modernism (Woodham, 1997). The Ball Chair combines these characteristics with a charming way that has provided for it’s place in the world’s most prestigious museums, including MOMA, as well as in ordinary homes bringing a piece of irony to every day.

Aarnio, E. (1966). Ball Chair. Retrieved October 6, 2011 from http://cdn.buzznet.com/assets/imgx/1/3/4/3/1/8/1/1/orig-13431811.jpg

eero-aarnio.com. (2011). Ball Chair by Aarnio Eero. Retrieved October 6, 2011 from http://www.eero-aarnio.com/8

Woodham, J. M. (1997). Twentieth century design (Vol. 5). Oxford University Press, USA.


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