9th assignment

Brand universe

In the 20th century media and design were exploited to promote principally national agendas and movements. American World fairs and Communist iconographies as well as the Marshall plan and the Italian shopping trip are excellent examples of these successful campaigns (Petty, 2011). When entering the new millennium, the tables have been turned: Brands are no more the tools of nations. Nations are the tools of brands.

“No Space, No Choice, No Jobs, No Logo”,

as Naomi Klein started her world famous book No Logo, reflects the power Brands have in the world today (Klein, 2000). The agenda of brands is the brand itself. As Klein argued the large multinational corporations consider the marketing of a brand more important their actual products. The image is everything.

Tattooed Baby (2011)

As presented above, we can’t avoid brands wherever we go. The Brands have muscled their presence from streets into universities, primary schools, and other public places. Consumerism is marketed for us a way to individualize ourselves. At the same time, brand products are manufactured in the sweatshops in the Third World countries, where the employee costs of labour are around $0.30 and working hours 10-16 per day (Klein, 2000). The ‘fair deal’ is really far from those conditions. The complete change is needed.

There is no such government or institution that could make the change on our behalf. We have to become conscious and do it by ourselves with our daily choices.

Klein, N. (2000). No logo: Taking aim at the brand bullies. Vintage Canada.

Petty, Margaret. (2011). Design in Context lectures hold during the spring 2011 at Victoria University of Wellington.

Unknown (2011). Tattooed Baby. Retrieved 29/09/2011 from http://everyonecouldbe.blogspot.com/2009/05/no-logo-brands-globalization-resistance.html


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